Kimmie Horne Show

KIMMIE HORNE is a consummate entertainer! A native Detroiter, KIMMIE HORNE is considered by many to be one of the most outstanding Performer Recording Artist to emerge from this area in years! Her beautiful alto voice coupled with her unmatched ability to perform and entertain puts her in a category of her own. Billed occasionally as the “KIMMIE HORNE” Show, features classy blends of Jazz, Pop and Rhythm and Blues, KIMMIE HORNE takes her audiences on a journey through time and an electrifying ride through various musical idioms.   KIMMIE HORNE, an absolute “bronze” beauty, has the cache’ that puts her in the league of other stellar ladies of the stage. On and off stage, KIMMIE’S smoldering sensuality serves proof, “that if, indeed there were a “Queen of Contemporary Jazz”, KIMMIE HORNE would be her!