The East Dearborn Development Authority (EDDDA), in partnership with the City of Dearborn, is exploring a new and creative approach to a potential economic development project with Artspace, the nation’s leading nonprofit real estate developer for the arts. The Artspace mission is to create, foster and preserve affordable space that serves the needs of artists and arts organizations of all disciplines. These activities contribute to the continued growth of the arts community thus enhancing the cultural and economic vitality of the surrounding community. This results in these nationwide projects being community driven.

On June 22 and 23, 2010 the EDDDA hosted Artspace who conducted an intense Prefeasibility Visit to provide preliminary feedback about the feasibility of creating a live/work, multi-use or other arts facility development. They explored five areas of consideration: project concept, artist market need, site suitability, potential to fund and sustain a project and local leadership. A public meeting was held to determine community support and inform the public of Artspace’s work. The Prefeasibility Visit is the first step in the process that can lead to an Artspace project.

In order to develop a project that meets the true needs of artists, it is vitally important that we receive feedback from a large cross section of the artists in the community.  The next step of the Artspace project will be to reach out to as many artists and arts organizations as possible with a survey created specifically for this project. The survey will provide us with statistical information including such things as: artist housing needs, affordability ranges, rental vs. ownership preferences, artist studio-only needs, location preferences, design requirements based on household sizes and arts disciplines, and arts organization space needs.

Visit the Artspace website at www.artspace.org.to learn more about the organization and its success in other communities. The scope of this project requires a comprehensive strategy in order to move forward. Community involvement from all sectors: financial, civic, arts and culture are all part of the mix that leads to a successful project!

Stay tuned to our website for updates!